From Veneto, born in Correzzola in the province of Padua, here parents were artisans (her father was a carpenter and her mother was a knitter) since she was young she was very attracted to the world of fashion.

She attended the Industrial Technical Institute I.T.I.S. Guglielmo Marconi, textile specialisation, in Piove di Sacco; later she enrolled at the girls school for fashion E. U.Ruzza in Padua, where she graduated dress designer / fashion designer.
Meanwhile she attended a course in sewing, learning the techniques of packaging.

In the 1980s she started employment in a textile fashion enterprise: AMERICANINO s.p.a. with the role of model-dress designer, so she could follow all clothing lines and brands of the company and relate herself to the other colleagues.

Within the company, she devoted to a few lines of clothing, by drawing and designing them, following the whole evolutionary process of garments, from the tissue down to the packaging of prototypes.

In 1990 she joined as expert modeler of a jury for the final exams in a fashion school in Mestre.

Since 1990 she is part of the outside world by enrolling in the field of small business and works for the companies , as freelancer, obtaining supplies of all equipment necessary for the development of his work by herself, with the best operating system"Gerber Technology", in order to meet the needs of the market.

She has worked and collaborated with well-known brands such as Armani, Trussardi, Coveri, La Perla, Burberry and Furstenberg.

In 2010 she obtained a three-year university degree in Theology.

Now she is working on his brand, "Piera Gabrieli", the brainchild of development and growth, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Padova in February 28, 2012.